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Customized Nanny Placements

Lincoln Park Nannies Agency is licensed and bonded in Chicago. It has established a distinguished presence as one of the most trusted and reliable placement agencies  serving all of Chicagoland and the North Shore since 2007.


No matter what city you're in, our company has a strong dedication to excellent childcare. We choose only the most experienced and practiced Nannies to present to your family.

We understand that children need stability, and our wonderful professional  Nannies will provide that in any home! Our reputable agency has maintained the highest level of screening in the entire industry.


We have very stringent requirements in place that differentiate our candidates as the most sought after childcare providers in the field. Safety is of great importance at Lincoln Park Nannies. Every candidate we meet with is evaluated and analyzed on a multitude of levels, from their past experiences to their demeanor and professional appearance.

We proudly deliver exceptional customer service to all of our Families and Nannies. We will take out all of the guess work and anxiety in hiring a Nanny, and will make every single step as easy as possible. You will receive comprehensive information on each qualifying Nanny from the start of your search, and we are able to assist you in making a truly


Mother Holding Baby's Hand

Full Time Nanny

Full-time nannies work 35+ hours per week, depending on your family’s needs. Depending on the job, number of children, and duties required, most of our professional nannies typically charge $20-25/hr NET and up.


                            Placement Fee $2500

Part Time Nanny

Part-time Nannies are professionals who fit seamlessly into your family life to provide childcare, household assistance and all around family support. Part-time nannies work less than 35 hours per week.  Depending on the job, number of children, and duties required, most of our professional nannies typically charge $20-25/hr NET and up. Please also note that our part-time caregivers require a minimum of 15 hours per week.

                       Placement Fee:   $1800

Mother and Baby in Autumn
Feeding the Toddler

Live-In Nanny

A Live-In Nanny works up to 60 hours a week Monday-Friday. The nanny is someone who will also have at least three years of professional experience caring for children, they will live within the family home and provide care and support to the children within the home. A live in nanny needs to be provided with their own bedroom and given privacy when off-duty and during their free time over the weekend. Some families are able offer separate accommodation for live-in nannies such as a cottage or separate area within the home.  

Placement Fee:  $3100

Nanny Share

One full-time nanny that works 35+ hours per week for two families. Nannies that work for two families make a minimum of  $20-25/hr NET and up.

Placement Fee: $4000

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